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A urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection of the urethra, ureters, kidneys, or bladder. An infection of the bladder, which is called cystitis, is the most common type of urinary tract infection. Urethritis, or infection of the urethra, is also very common, and may occur either on its own or in combination with cystitis. If a person has a urinary tract infection, they may experience a burning pain urinating, and the urine may be bad smelling, dark, even bloody. It is common to feel like urinating a lot, but get rid of only a small amount amount of urine each time. Other symptoms include: abdominal pain, backache, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and/or irritability. Due to the female urinary tract structure, UTIs are more common in women than men. The urethra is the small tube that drains urine from the bladder and out of the body. In the female body, the urethra lies close to the rectum and vagina. Bacteria from the lower intestine or vagina thus can easily migrate to and travel up the urethra into the bladder. In fact, this happens quite frequently, but it does not usually result in infection. First, urination washes the bacteria out of the body. Second, the lining of the bladder resists the invasion of bacteria, and urine itself is bacteriostatic, meaning that it inhibits bacterial growth. If these natural defense mechanisms are not successful bladder infection can result. In more serious cases, bacteria continue to migrate from the bladder, up through the ureters, and into the kidneys, causing inflammation or infection of kidney tissue.

Factors that increase risk of a UTI or urinary tract infection include: constipation, poor diet / malnutrition, and sexual intercourse. Women who using a diaphragm for birth control are at higher risk. Even the chemicals in bubble baths and the scents and dyes in some toilet tissue can cause local irritation that leads to an infection. Recurrent UTIs can be a sign of a structural problem in the urinary tract system that causes reflux to occur. That is, the urine moves back up through the urethra to the bladder, and sometimes into the kidneys, instead of moving out of the body. This reflux creates a great environment for bacterial growth. Urinary tract infections are not common in men so it is important to have a complete medical checkup, including ultrasound and x-rays. In women, urinary tract infections are fairly common, and do not always signal a severe health problem. But, if a woman experiences 2 or 3 episodes within a few  months, she should be checked for a anatomical abnormalities or other possible problems. If you develop a urinary tract infection, it is important to have it treated completely, so that it does not spread to your kidneys. To determine whether or not an infection is present, and which specific bacteria are involved, your doctor will recommend both a urinalysis and urine culture. You may be tested again after treatment to be certain that the treatment was successful.

Nutrient / Supplement Importance
( 1 - 10 )
Helpful notes
Multi-vitamin & 
Mineral supplement
10 contains vitamin E, vitamin B , vitamin C, garlic, copper, and zinc which are all helpful in both the treatment and prevention of urinary tract and bladder infections. These nutrients are required for general good health and well being.
Acidophilus 9 helps improve nutrient absorption in the body.
Garlic 9 the herb Garlic also helps boost the immune system and is a natural antibiotic..
Bioflavonoids 9 bioflavonoids produce an antibacterial effect by the acidification of the urine 
vitamin C 9 helps healing and works with bioflavonoids
Golden Seal 9 herb that helps with infections and to boost the immune system. It works well with echinacea and vitamin C.
Echinacea  9 herb used for immune system and healing
Shepherd's Purse 8 this herb is good for blood flow issues as well as various forms of infection. It works well in combination with aloe vera and myrrh resin.
Watercress 9 herb very good for kidney, liver, bladder, and urinary system health.
Red Clover 9 herb that helps to detoxify, cleanse, and heal
Dandelion 9 herb that works with red clover
Frankincense resin 9 calms the body and has properties to cleanse the urinary system
vitamin B complex 7 needed for good digestion and healthy nervous system
vitamin E 7 fights infectious bacteria and strengthens the body's immune system
Zinc 7 needed for body tissue repair and immune system 
Copper 7 needed to help work with zinc



Urinary tract infection are treated with antibiotics. Most antibiotics are excreted through the urinary tract, so they make their way to the site of the infection on the way out of the body, killing the organism responsible for the infection. Treatment of  simple cystitis normally is not complicated and consists of a short 1 to 3 day course of antibiotics. A persistent infection may need a longer course of treatment, up to 10 days. However, be careful because antibiotics can have a variety of side effects, including allergic reactions, diarrhea, upset stomach, and intestinal or vaginal yeast infections. An alternative is an herbal antibiotic with echinacea, goldren seal, astragalus, and others (See Immunity)

As always good diet and nutritional supplementation can help to both prevent and heal urinary tract infection and associated health issues. A good colon cleansing that also helps to restore the "good" bacteria is also very helpful.


Other Changes To Make

  • drink 6-8 glasses of steam distilled or filtered water a day

  • eat 50% raw fruits and vegetables (organic is best)

  • nuts, seeds, and whole grains are good

  • juice is good (make your own with a juice machine)

  • do not worry as much about calories as eating the right foods

  • carrot and celery sticks are good to use as a snack

  • a colon cleansing can be very helpful - (do several times each year)

  • do not drink coffee, alcohol, soda pop, other junk food drinks

  • do not eat processed foods white sugar, white flour, etc...

  • use stress relief like going for walks in the park (or the 10/90 rule - see Stress)

  • brown rice is good to eat

  • avoid red meat and animal fats

  • reduce dairy products cheese, milk, and others

  • fast a few days a month

  • get at least 8 hours of sleep 

  • exercise light to moderate amounts

  • avoid artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and NutraSweet

  • do not smoke and avoid second hand smoke

  • do not skip meals - just eat better and not as much at each meal

  • do not chew gum - it can cause you to feel hungry

  • do not watch too much TV try reading a book or something else

All information presented on these web pages is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or to administer to any physical ailments.
In all matters related to your health please contact a qualified, licensed Medical Consultant or Doctor.
Symmetry herbal and nutritional products for Women, Children, and Men includes vitamins, herb supplements, skin care, weight loss, water filters, sport's nutrition, and health maintenance. Giving you and your family an alternative natural way for prevention and healing treatment of disease - also to aid in well being of mind, body, and spirit.

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........Symmetry herbal and nutritional products for Women, Children, and Men includes vitamins, herb supplements, skin care, weight loss, water filters, sport's nutrition, and health maintenance. Giving you and your family an alternative natural way for prevention and healing treatment of disease - also to aid in well being of mind, body, and spirit.