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The prostate is a walnut sized gland at the base of the bladder that encircles the urethra, the tube through which urine is ejected. The prostate produces prostatic fluid, which makes up the bulk of the male ejaculate and both nourishes and transports the sperm. Cancer of the prostate gland is the second leading cause of cancer death among men. it is primarily a disease of aging. Men in their 30's and 40's rarely develop prostate cancer, but the incidence increases steadily after 55 years of age. Approximately 80% of all cases occur in men over the age of 65, and by the age of eighty, 80% of all men have prostate cancer to some degree. The American Cancer Society estimates over 244,000 new cases of prostate cancer were diagnosed in the year 1995 alone. During that year, 40,400 men died from the disease. A male baby born today has a 13% chance of developing prostate cancer at some time in his life, and a 3% chance of dying from the disease. Some experts believe that every man will eventually develop prostate cancer if he lives long enough.

Although it is relatively common, in most cases prostate cancer is, fortunately, a slow growing cancer. Most prostate cancers arise in the rear portion of the prostate gland; the rest originate near the urethra. On average, prostate cancers double in mass every 6 years. Symptom include: one or more of the following: pain or a burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, a decrease in the size and force of urine flow, an inability to urinate, blood in the urine, and continuing lower back, pelvic, or suprapubic discomfort. However, the disease often causes no symptoms at all until it reaches an advanced stage and/or spreads outside the gland. In addition, these symptoms most often are caused not by cancer, but by benign enlargement or inflammation of the prostate. Professional evaluation and diagnosis is therefore necessary.

Prostate cancer in the USA is increasing. In part, this is due to the aging of our population. Just a generation ago, the life expectancy for white men in the United States was 65 years; today, it is close to 80 years. However, the rate of prostate cancer is rapidly rising in all men, even those under age 50. This is significant because, in general, the younger a man is when he is diagnosed with prostate cancer, the worse his prognosis. The increase in prostate cancer among younger men points to the role of diet and exposure to environmental toxins in the development of the disease.

African-American men have the highest incidence of prostate cancer, while Asian-Americans have the lowest. Men with a family history of prostate cancer also run a higher risk of developing the disease. The incidence is higher among married men than it is among unmarried men. Also at increased risk are men who have had recurring prostate infections, those with a history of venereal disease, and those who have taken testosterone. Researchers have also found a link between a high-fat diet and prostate cancer. This may be due to the fact that heavy fat consumption raises testosterone levels, which could then stimulate growth of the prostate, including any cancer cells it may be harboring. Exposure to cancer-causing chemicals increases risk as well. Some experts believe that vasectomy may increase a man's chances of developing prostate cancer. Poor diet and nutrition most likely also play a role as men often have very poor eating habits with little of no fruits and vegetables, and no supplementation by vitamins or herbal formulas.


Nutrient / Supplement Importance
( 1 - 10 )
Helpful notes
Pygeum 10 is an herb from Africa that has been shown very effective against Prostate problems and it works well with the herb Saw Palmetto in an herbal blend. Some Male Herbal formulas have both as well as many other to help balance male body chemistry. Pygeum may actually prevent prostate cancer.
Saw Palmetto 9 herb that is especially beneficial to men's health and it helps prevent prostate problems.
Multi-vitamin & Mineral supplement 10 contains vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium which all are helpful for enlargement of the prostate or prostate cancer. These nutrients are also required for general good health and well being.
Selenium 8 powerful free radical scavenger and also aides in protein digestion. Normally found in a good quality mineral multi-vitamin supplement.
Beta Carotene 8 powerful anti-oxidant that helps destroy free radicals. Make sure that your beta carotene supplement comes from natural fruits and vegetable sources. Men often are not eating enough fruits and vegetables which adds to their risk of prostate enlargement or cancer.
Shiitake 9 The shiitake mushroom stimulates a person's immune system to produce more interferon, which is a natural compound that fights viruses and often used as a treatment against cancer. 
Pomegranate seed extract 9 strong anti-oxidant
Lycopene 9 lycopene has been shown to lower risk of prostate cancer
Carotenoids 9 powerful natural antioxidants work with vitamin A
vitamin A 9 antioxidant that helps destroy free radicals and promotes healing
vitamin C 9 powerful anticancer agent
Bioflavonoids 9 work with vitamin C
vitamin E 8 vitamin E is a powerful healing agent and also enhances sexual health
B vitamins 9 the entire B vitamin family helps with healing, circulation, stress relief, and to build red blood cells. See vitamin B12 , vitamin B3, and vitamin B6 
L-carnitine 8 protects against free radical damage and toxins in the body and often in combination with omega fatty acids that work well for people suffering from prostate cancer or related problems..
Methionine 8 is an amino acid which acts as a detoxifier to help protect the liver and other organs of the body.
Zinc 8 men need the mineral zinc for healthy sexual and reproductive systems
Garlic 8 garlic has been shown to benefit to those with prostate problems..



Other Changes To Make

  • drink 6-8 glasses of steam distilled or filtered water a day

  • eat 50% raw fruits and vegetables (organic is best)

  • nuts, seeds, and whole grains are good

  • juice is good (make your own with a juice machine)

  • do not worry as much about calories as eating the right foods

  • carrot and celery sticks are good to use as a snack

  • a colon cleansing can be very helpful - (do several times each year)

  • do not drink coffee, alcohol, soda pop, other junk food drinks

  • do not eat processed foods white sugar, white flour, etc...

  • use stress relief like going for walks in the park (or the 10/90 rule - see Stress)

  • brown rice is good to eat

  • avoid red meat and animal fats

  • reduce dairy products cheese, milk, and others

  • fast a few days a month

  • get at least 8 hours of sleep 

  • exercise light to moderate amounts

  • avoid artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and NutraSweet

  • do not smoke and avoid second hand smoke

  • do not skip meals - just eat better and not as much at each meal

  • do not chew gum - it can cause you to feel hungry

  • do not watch too much TV try reading a book or something else

All information presented on these web pages is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or to administer to any physical ailments.
In all matters related to your health please contact a qualified, licensed Medical Consultant or Doctor.
Symmetry herbal and nutritional products for Women, Children, and Men includes vitamins, herb supplements, skin care, weight loss, water filters, sport's nutrition, and health maintenance. Giving you and your family an alternative natural way for prevention and healing treatment of disease - also to aid in well being of mind, body, and spirit.

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........Symmetry herbal and nutritional products for Women, Children, and Men includes vitamins, herb supplements, skin care, weight loss, water filters, sport's nutrition, and health maintenance. Giving you and your family an alternative natural way for prevention and healing treatment of disease - also to aid in well being of mind, body, and spirit.