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Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects many organs in the body. 90% of the Lupus cases are women and Asian women have increased risk. Lupus usually starts in ages 15-35 but can occur at other  ages. The following symptoms may occur with lupus: abnormal urine, arthritis, rash on cheeks, sun  sensitivity, mouth sores, seizures or psychosis, low white blood cell count, specific antibody in blood that can be tested for which occurs in 50% of people with lupus. Many people with lupus also have Raynaud's syndrome.


Nutrient / Supplement Importance
( 1 - 10 )
Helpful notes
Methionine 10 aids in cell protection and preservation, important in skin formation and in low white blood cell count both of which can be problems for people with lupus. Methionine works very well in supplements that also include omega fatty acids in their formula like Advanced Omega.
Calcium 10 mineral that work with magnesium and helps prevent bone loss possibly caused by arthritis.
Magnesium 10 low intake of magnesium has been linked to Lupus and a good source of magnesium is a quality multi-vitamin & mineral supplement especially one that includes calcium, zinc, and garlic. Magnesium also helps with PH balance in the body and for protection against bone loss.
Essential fatty acids 9 important for people with lupus, aiding with arthritis prevention, protection of skin cells, and is required for production of all body cells. Fatty acids are found in omega fatty acids from fish and flax seed and borage seed oils from plants.
vitamin C 8 vitamin C helps Lupus patients by normalizing immune system function. Usually can be taken in a good multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Be sure that it is not synthetic vitamin C.
Bioflavonoids 8 work with vitamin C
Multi-vitamin & Mineral supplement 9 vitamin B complex, inositol, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, and others all serve to help the body recover from lupus. A daily supplement provides nutrients that promotes general good health and well being.
Pomegranate seed extract 9 strong anti-oxidant
Red Clover 9 herb helpful in treating lupus
Licorice 8 helps with the symptoms of lupus
Grape seed  8 powerful antioxidant that is good for healing
vitamin E 8 aids body's oxygen use and promotes healing
Garlic 7 garlic has been shown to help strengthen the body's immune system which can be weakened by lupus.
Zinc 7 mineral that helps the immune system, protects the skin, and helps with healing process
Glucosamine 7 helpful for connective tissue, bones, and skin

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease which means that it happens when the immune mechanism forms antibodies which attack the body's own tissues. Many experts believe that it is due to an unidentified virus. By this theory, the immune system develops antibodies in response to the virus that then turn on the body's own organs and tissues. This produces inflammation of the skin, blood vessels, joints, and other tissues. Heredity and sex hormones are other possible factors involved. This disease was named lupus, which means "wolf," because many people who have the disease develop a butterfly shaped rash over the cheeks and nose and they have a wolf like appearance. Over 90% of people who get lupus are women, and women of Asian background appear to be at much greater risk of developing lupus than other women. It normally develops between 15 and 35 years of age, but it may happen at any age There are two forms of lupus - SLE "systemic lupus erythematosus" and DLE "discoid lupus eryfhmatosus". As the name indicates, SLE is a systemic disease that affects many different areas of the human body. The severity can range from mild to life threatening. The first symptoms of many cases of SLE resemble those of arthritis, with swelling and pain in the fingers and other joints. The disease may also appear suddenly with acute fever The characteristic red rash may appear across the cheeks; there may also be red, scaling lesions anywhere on the body. Sores may form in the mouth. The lungs and kidneys are often involved. Approximately 50% of those with SLE develop nephritis or inflammation of the kidneys. In very serious cases, the brain, lungs, spleen, and/or heart may also be affected. SLE can cause anemia and inflammation of the surface membranes of the heart and lungs. It can also cause excessive bleeding and increased risk of infections. If the person's central nervous system is involved, seizures, amnesia, psychosis, and deep depression may occur. The discoid type of lupus is a less serious disease that primarily affects the skin. The characteristic butterfly rash forms over the nose and cheeks. There may also be lesions elsewhere, normally on the ears and scalp, and these lesions may occur over and over again sometimes for years. The lesions are small, soft yellowish lumps. When they disappear, they will often leave scars. If these scars form on the scalp, permanent bald patches may result. While DLE is not necessarily dangerous to overall health, it is a chronic and disfiguring skin disease. Some experts have related it to a reaction to infection with the tubercle bacillus. Both types of lupus follow a pattern of periodic flare ups alternating with periods of remission. Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can result in a flare up of DLE and may even trigger the first attack. Fatigue, pregnancy, childbirth, infection, some drugs, stress, unidentified viral infections, and chemicals may also cause a flare up. Drug induced cases usually clear up when the drug is discontinued. According to the ARA "American Rheumatism Association", 4 of the following 8 symptoms must occur, either serially or at the same time, before a diagnosis can be made:

1. Arthritis
2. Mouth sores
3. Butterfly type rash on the cheeks
4. Sun sensitivity
5. Seizures or psychosis
6. Abnormal cells in the urine
7. Low white blood cell count, low platelet count, or hemolytic anemia
8. The presence in the blood of a specific antibody that is found in 50% of people with lupus

A kidney biopsy may be needed to diagnose lupus related nephritis.


Other Changes To Make

  • drink 6-8 glasses of steam distilled or filtered water a day

  • eat 50% raw fruits and vegetables (organic is best)

  • nuts, seeds, and whole grains are good

  • juice is good (make your own with a juice machine)

  • do not worry as much about calories as eating the right foods

  • carrot and celery sticks are good to use as a snack

  • a colon cleansing can be very helpful - (do several times each year)

  • do not drink coffee, alcohol, soda pop, other junk food drinks

  • do not eat processed foods white sugar, white flour, etc...

  • use stress relief like going for walks in the park (or the 10/90 rule - see Stress)

  • brown rice is good to eat

  • avoid red meat and animal fats

  • reduce dairy products cheese, milk, and others

  • fast a few days a month

  • get at least 8 hours of sleep 

  • exercise light to moderate amounts

  • avoid artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and NutraSweet

  • do not smoke and avoid second hand smoke

  • do not skip meals - just eat better and not as much at each meal

  • do not chew gum - it can cause you to feel hungry

  • do not watch too much TV try reading a book or something else


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........Symmetry herbal and nutritional products for Women, Children, and Men includes vitamins, herb supplements, skin care, weight loss, water filters, sport's nutrition, and health maintenance. Giving you and your family an alternative natural way for prevention and healing treatment of disease - also to aid in well being of mind, body, and spirit.