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The ancient Chinese believed that the root of the ginseng plant was the crystallization of the essence of the earth in the shape of a man and that ginseng had rejuvenating, recuperative, revitalizing, and curative action. The first Chinese Materia Medica written by Shen-nong, stated that ginseng was used for its tonic and tranquilizing effects; that ginseng increased alertness, brilliance, and concentration, and improved memory; and that prolonged ginseng use brought about longevity.

Ginseng's Reported Benefits:

  • Increase physical stamina and sexual prowess in both men and women

  • Circulation support

  • Support of normal blood pressure

  • Calming, restorative effect on body

  • Immune system support

There are two major ginseng species; Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) The name of panax derived from Greek, means "all cure" (pan means all, ax means cure). Ginseng meaning "wonder of the world", has been known and respected by the Chinese for centuries. It is true that ginseng possesses real value for support of human health. Modern scientific findings on ginseng have documented many attributed uses of ginseng. Tonic action of ginseng has been the most persistent; it is now often described as "tonic up the cerebral cortex" and good to relieve stress (an "adaptogen" activity). Ginseng has a "universal defense action" and meets all 3 requirements for adaptation effects.

  1. Ginseng is not toxic and has no side effects. It does not cause any discomfort or disorder in the physiological functions of the body.

  2. The action of ginseng is neither local nor specific; i.e. it is believed to increase the body's strength resistance to adverse stress (chemical, physical or biological agents)

  3. Ginseng is a regulator, exhibiting normalizing effects of the body including the regulating effects of high and low blood pressure

Ginseng has been used in traditional Asian medicine for centuries as a general tonic and cardiotonic agent. Scientific studies provide evidence of these biological effects of ginseng and also support the uses of ginseng for other health benefits.

The usage of Asian and American ginseng is very different according to the famous Chinese pharmaceutical compendium and Chinese traditional medicine of Yin Yang.

American Ginseng possesses "cooling" property to the body, while Asian ginseng possesses "warming". Therefore, people with the "warming" body should only take American ginseng which is "cooling" , but people with "cooling" body should only take Asian ginseng instead. Otherwise, contradictions exist, particularly for people with weaknesses. It is no wonder that American ginseng is often used to for stress and fatigue, but not Asian (Chinese and Korean) ginseng, which has more stimulating and depleting effects.

Lu, Okauda and Yoshida, Lewis Muwalla and Abuirmeileh, and Kaku et al reported that American ginseng has insulin-like activity, influences neuralgic reactions, supports normal total cholesterol level and supports heart and blood circulatory functions. This research on American ginseng found that ginseng has the ability to balance and tone the biochemistry system of the body, strengthen the immune system, provide enormous energy, eliminate the daily fatigue, enhance vitality, and improve physical and mental strength. In addition, American ginseng is supportive of blood pressure and cardiovascular health.

The differences between American and Asian ginseng's are well documented not only by Chinese traditional doctors, but also by modern scientists, It is found that the differences in the active, constituents may account for the differing properties of American and Asian ginseng. Shibata's group and Staba and his colleagues found that the types of saponins in American ginseng are similar to those in Asian ginseng, the exceptions that ginsenosides Ra and Rf found in Asian ginseng are absent from American ginseng. There are some differences in quantity of ginsenosides Rg and Re groups between American ginseng and Asian ginseng. Furthermore, the relative abundance of panaxadiols and panaxatrios differs in the two ginseng species. American ginseng contains very few ginsenosides with central nervous system support, therefore it is regarded as a "cooling agent".


Ginseng has been suggested to enhance sports performance though studies results are mixed. Athletes from beginning joggers to Olympic contenders agree that ginseng helps them overcome the strain and drain of exercise. A recent Swiss study conducted by Dr. Anton Kirchdorfer shows how ginseng helps. Thirty athletes were given exercise tests on a programmed exercise cycling machine to assure a specific level of muscle work. The heart rate and lactate concentration in the blood was measured before, immediately after and for several minutes following the exercise.

Strong exertion for eight minutes raised the athletes heart rate from an average value of about 70 to 155 (more than doubled). During recuperation, their heart rate slowly returned to normal over a period of about 20 minutes; their heart rates fell below 100 after 4-5 minutes.

The athletes were then given ginseng daily for nine weeks. The tests were conducted again, using the same amount of exercise. Their pulse rates this time increased to only 140, and during recuperation their heart rates fell blow 100 within just 3 minutes, and were back to normal in 5 minutes.

Lactate (the substance that causes muscular pain following prolonged exercise) was measured during the same tests. Before using ginseng, the lactate levels of the athletes increased from 2.0 before exercise to 10.5 afterward, without returning to normal levels even after 20 minutes. Following nine weeks of ginseng administration, lactate acid levels only reached 6.2 at their highest point, and decreased to normal in about twenty minutes.

These figures suggest the athletes were using oxygen much more efficiently after taking ginseng. Thus, their hearts did not need to pump as fast, and they did not produce as much lactic acid, (the by-product of carbohydrate metabolism). The quicker return to normal physiologic conditions also indicates that there is less stress to the entire system.

The blood carries oxygen to the cells of the body. In the cells, oxygen combines with chemicals obtained from food. Energy produced during the process makes it possible for each cell to perform its function in the body. Ginseng supports the basal metabolic rate.

More about ginseng:

  • Ginseng stimulates both physical and mental activity.

  • Ginseng greatly strengthens and protects the human body from stress.

  • Ginseng increases physical and mental efficiency, improves accuracy of work, contributes to one's concentration.

  • Ginseng stimulates and improves the work of the brain cells. Ginseng is well known to support of the nervous system

  • Ginseng supports the function of the endocrine glands.

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........Symmetry herbal and nutritional products for Women, Children, and Men includes vitamins, herb supplements, skin care, weight loss, water filters, sport's nutrition, and health maintenance. Giving you and your family an alternative natural way for prevention and healing treatment of disease - also to aid in well being of mind, body, and spirit.